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Individuals who have serious or severe mental illness need different service and supports at different points of time in their recovery process. For some, the symptoms of schizophrenia and other psychiatric illnesses can significantly affect their ability to function effectively in everyday life. With on-going support and effective rehabilitation, individuals can manage their illness so that they can pursue their life goals.

Guild Residential Services include treatment services provided in home-like settings, and permanent housing resources with support services. All of the services ensure that oneís basic needs of life -- such as housing, food, income, health care, and transportation -- are met in a consistent manner.

Guild South is a residential treatment program, staffed 24 hours daily, with two components:

  • Maureen G. Heaney Guest House helps individuals in psychiatric crisis stabilize in the community without becoming homeless, and, whenever possible, without hospitalization. Individuals stay one to seven days in this safe, home-like setting. (Stays can be extended on a case-by-case basis.) Up to four people can be served at any given time. Maureenís House is also used to provide for an additional period of stabilization following hospitalization.
  • Guild South's on-going residential treatment component provides longer-term service needed by some to regain stability, strengthen independent living skills, and develop coping strategies. Two single-family homes are used to serve nine people at any given time. The average length of stay is 60 days.

Features include:

  • Customizing services and length of stay from person to person as each individual has unique preferences, strengths and challenges related to their situation.
  • Assuring continuous availability of diverse staff who foster a spirit of hopefulness and belief in each personís ability to grow and change.

Emerson House

  • Is "home" for four individuals who have psychiatric disabilities and who choose to live together in a supportive living arrangement. They have the direct support of Guild Incorporated staff 24/7 to help them manage everyday life and sustain community living.

Shared Housing

  • Guild Incorporated owns and manages single-family homes which provide permanent housing for individuals who prefer to live with others to counter social isolation. Flexible support services are provided as needed by Guildís community treatment and case management teams.

Features include:

  • Promoting the community integration of individuals with disabilities by using "regular" housing which is indistinguishable from neighboring homes.
  • Each house is a safe place to live, where housemates have the freedom, privacy, and responsibilities of a tenant.

Eligibility Criteria:
Guild Residential Services serve:

  • adult men and women (age 18 and over)
  • of any marital status
  • who are citizens of Dakota County
  • who are experiencing acute distress and/or have a serious mental illness (some services limited to individuals who have a serious and persistent mental illness)

How to Access Services:

  • If you live in Dakota County and you (or your family member) need crisis services, call Crisis Response Services at 952/891-7171.
  • If you live in Dakota County and need residential treatment or housing resources, talk with your case manager or call Dakota County Intake at 651/554-6000 to request services.


  • Prevents homelessness
  • Helps contain the rising cost of health care for everyone by providing effective alternatives to high-cost hospital and institutional care
  • Is accredited by CARF for Crisis Stabilization, Case Management, and Community Employment Services

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